Notes from the Preface

spectrum and network measurements book coverHere’s an excerpt from the preface of the second edition of Spectrum and Network Measurements that provides some insight into the creation of this book:

This book is about the theory and practice of spectrum and network measurements in electronic systems. It is intended for readers who have a background in electrical engineering and use spectrum analyzers and network analyzers to characterize electronic signals or systems.

This is the book that I wish someone had handed me when I started my career as an electrical engineer. This work was formed from thousands of interactions with my fellow engineers at HP, Agilent Technologies, and now Keysight Technologies about this or that measurement challenge. My target reader is the recent electrical engineering graduate or an engineer recently tossed into the challenge of performing spectrum or network measurements. For inspiration, I often think about the electrical engineering students I have taught and then write with the goal of helping them apply that big pile of electrical theory in their heads.

Since the first edition was written, the body of knowledge in this area has grown dramatically. Rather than triple the size of the book, I chose to keep it focused on the core measurement principles and list key references for further study. This second edition does reflect the dramatic impact of digital technology, driving significant change in the systems being measured, and the technology used inside the measuring instruments. Every chapter of the book has been impacted by this important shift.

– BobW

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